Prepaid Card
Need a card to spend at any store that accepts prepaid cards? Order a prepaid card from your Z-wallet app.

Key Features

Add Money
  • Set up a direct deposit for your paycheck or government benefit payments to get access to your money right away.
  • Deposit cash at any participating Zooyza ATMs using the prepaid load option
Easy to Access Your Money
  • Withdraw your money fee-free at over 9,000 network locations
  • Make purchases at any retail location or online retail site that accepts prepaid cards
  • Pay bills quickly and easily with your card on the billers' websites or by calling the billers directly
More Secure Than Cash
  • If your card is lost or stolen, your money will be replaced if you notify us promptly and the card will be deactivated immediately.
  • Your card is FDIC insured from being hacked or stolen and will protect you if either occurs.
Track Your Balance and Spending
  • Text and email alerts - Set up alerts for recent deposits, purchases and even for low balances
  • Z-Wallet Mobile App - Keep tabs on your balance and view purchases from your mobile device.
  • Online banking - Check your balance, view your purchases, manage your alerts and more.

Easy Activation

With Zooyza's prepaid card you can easily activate a physical or virtual card to be used instantly after creating one.

FDIC Insured

When using our prepaid card customers can discreetly and securely make purchases online that is FDIC insured.

Low Costs

Our prepaid card works like a debit card with lower fees for the user and more savings.


Not only can you instantly receive a prepaid card but you also receive many benefits such as reward points and discounts at select stores.

Pay Bills

Cards can be used to shop at stores and even pay off bills. Being able to pay bills with our prepaid card allows anyone to use it without a bank account.

Easy Loading

The prepaid card is versatile and can be loaded through direct deposit, bank account, paypal, mobile check deposits, card-to-card transfers, and at any one of our loading networks.

No Requirements

It is fast and easy because there are no credit checks required, no lengthy application to fill, and no minimum balance needed.

No Usage Fees

Spending can be monitored through your Z-Wallet and there are no loading fees or monthly fees to use.