An Easy Way to Pay Your Bills and Manage Your Money!


With Z-Balance, customers can easily link their bank account and pay their bills wherever they are and whenever they want to. Z-Balance shows their spending habits and helps you save money by allocating an amount for you to be spent in the future.



Helps Credit

If you have great credit this helps you stay on track for your financial goals and if you have bad credit Z-Balance helps you get back on track.


Pay Bills

Tired of paying bills on different sites or postmarking your letters before the due date? Z-Balance can pay all your bills on one app.


Gives Tips

After a short time of using the app, Z-Balance learns you bills and spending habits to give tips on how to save more.


Saves Money

Struggling to top-up your mobile on time? Top-Up your mobile at your convenience using your Z-Wallet app.

How it Works

Opt-In to Z-Balance

Opening your Z-Wallet is fast, free, and as easy as 1, 2, 3. Download your Z-Wallet app and sign-up using your driver's license or state ID.

Once enrolled you can load cash, deposit check, use direct deposit or instantly fund your Z-Wallet using your debit or credit card. It's that easy!

Once you are signed on to Z-Wallet you can opt-in to Z-Balance and start budgeting after linking your bank account!


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Money Wherever You Are

Use your phone and tablet to view all of your spending and current balance wherever you go. The app is free to download and easy to use!


Personalized Budgeting

Z-Balance learns your spending habits and how much money you spend on bills every month. This helps you budget how much to put aside for bills and what you can spend for fun!


Opt-In Whenever

You can opt-in for Z-Balance whenever you want after signing up for your Z-Wallet. You can also opt-out whenever you please!


Everything in One Place

All of your bills and accounts will be on one app for you convenience. Everything only needs to be linked and you can schedule paying bills whenever they are due!