A convenient electronic wallet that reduces banking fees with quick money transfers and many more features.


An automate budgeting tool that eliminates temptation to overspend money and pays bills electronically.

Credit Builder

Buy using Z-Balance to pay bills on time, credit points will increase every month.

Secure and Private

Protect personal bank, debit, and credit accounts when shopping on-line.

Prepaid Card

Instant virtual and physical card with full features of a prepaid card without the usual costs.

Save Money

Using Z-Wallet to shop provides discounts, low overdraft fees, FDIC insurance, and no credit checks.


With Z-Wallet there are low account fees, you can load cash, deposit checks, use direct deposit, link your bank account or add funds using your debit or credit card. Use Z-Wallet to pay bills, send and receive money with family and friends, and make online purchases by issuing a secure, instant Virtual VISA. Managing your money just got a little easier with Z-Wallet by Zooyza.
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Purchase at
Authorized Retailers

Tired of paying with cash?
Use Z-Wallet to make purchases at any Authorized Retailer and receive 5% cash back at participating retailers.


Generate Virtual Cards

Tired of costly pre-paid cards?
Use Z-Wallet to create an instant, tokenized virtual VISA card to make secure, discreet online purchases.


Pay Bills

Frustrated with standing in lines to buy costly money orders?
Use Z-Wallet to pay bills and top-up mobile all from your Z-Wallet app.


Mobile Top-Up

Struggling to top-up your mobile on time? Top-Up your mobile at your convenience using your Z-Wallet app.


Send and Receive Money

Need money now?
Use Z-Wallet to instantly send and receive money between Z-Wallet family and friends in the US and abroad.


Issue Checks

Need to pay by check?
Let us help you mail and issue checks using your Z-Wallet app.


Receive Paychecks Early

Tired of waiting for your money?
Set up early direct deposit and get your paycheck up to 2 days earlier than your co-workers.


Z-Balance TM

Need help getting through the month? Z-Wallet has zero account fees, no overdraft fees, and no minimum balance required.

How it Works

Sign-Up to Z-Wallet

Opening your Z-Wallet is fast, free, and as easy as 1, 2, 3. Download your Z-Wallet app and sign-up using your driver's license or state ID. Once enrolled you can load cash, deposit check, use direct deposit or instantly fund your Z-Wallet using your debit or credit card. It's that easy!

Loading Options


Load Cash

Instantly Load Cash where you shop!

Visit a Walmart or Walgreens near you or any of the 70,000 Green Dot (MoneyPak) loading networks to deposit up to $500 and receive instant access to your cash via Z-Wallet. MoneyPak fees will apply.


Link Bank Account

Link you bank account to make secure and discreet purchases!

Link your bank accounts to Z-Wallet and pay at any Z-Wallet Authorized Retailer or make secure and discreet online purchases using Z-Wallet's Instant Virtual Visa.


Remote Deposit Check

Deposit checks to Z-Wallet!

Use your Z-wallet app to take a picture of a check written to you and instantly deposit funds into your Z-Wallet.


Direct Deposit

Directly Deposit your paycheck and get early access to your money!

Let us help you directly deposit your paycheck to Z-Wallet. The process is easy and, once complete, may allow up to 2 days quicker access to your money.

Pricing Table

Z-Wallet Z-Wallet + Virtual Prepaid Card Z-wallet + Physical Prepaid Card Z-Wallet + Unlimited Services
Monthly Fee Free Free $4.95 $29.95
Purchase Price Free $3.95 Free Free
Per Load Limit $7,500 $500 $999 $9,999
Maximum Account Balance $9,999 $500 $9,999 $50,000
Maximum Loads per Month 12 1 12 Included / Unlimited
Loads / Deposits
Direct Deposit Free Free Included / Unlimited
Check Deposit 2% + $1 Included / Unlimited
Cash Deposit (Zooyza Retailers) Free Free $3.95 Included / Unlimited
ACH Deposit / Withdrawal Free Free Included / Unlimited
Remote Deposit by Image Free Included / Unlimited
Cash Deposit (Loading Network) Free 2% +1 Included / Unlimited
Credit / Debit Card Deposit 5% + $1 5% + $1 5% + $1 5% + $1
POS Purchases
POS Purchases Included / Unlimited
On-line, Telephone, Mail-Order Purchases Included / Unlimited
International POS Purchases 3% + $1 3% + $1 3% + $1
POS Purchases with Cash-Back Included / Unlimited
BIll Pay
Virtual VIsa/MC Payment Card Included / Unlimited
Top-Up Mobile Included / Unlimited
LD Prepaid Account Included / Unlimited
Domestic Á International Bill Pay Included / Unlimited
Virtual Official-Check Mail to Service $5 $5 Included / Unlimited
ATM Fees
ATM Withdrawal Free Included / Unlimited
ATM Transaction Decline Fee - Domestic Free Included / Unlimited
ATM Balance Inquiry Free Included / Unlimited
International ATM Withdrawal $3 $2
International Conversion Fee 3% + $1 3% + $1
International Balance Inquiry $3 $2
ATM Transaction Decline Fee - International $3 $2
Card to Card Transfer Included / Unlimited
ACH Deposit / Withdrawal Free Free Included / Unlimited
Domestic Card to International Card Free Free Free Included / Unlimited
Enhanced Benefits
Smart Balance(Monthly Fee) $4.95 $4.95 Free / Unlimited
Ultra Low Overdraft Fee Free / Unlimited
Credit Builder (Monthly Fee) $4.95 $4.95 Free / Unlimited
Unlimited Teller Assisted In Person Transactions
Checks Cashed (deposited) Free / Unlimited
Money Orders Free / Unlimited
Bill Pay Free / Unlimited
Domestic Card to International Card Free / Unlimited
Cash or Check Load into Card Free / Unlimited
Cash Withdrawal Free / Unlimited
Card "Account Load" Free Free $3.95 Free / Unlimited